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Festivities are so much part of our lives!!!

Spreading joy and happiness around.

I love them a lot!!

It has almost everything of everybody.
Someone likes meeting people, some like the shopping involved, some relish the food or some enjoy just a day with oneself!!!

As kids ,we used to enjoy the food and had a lot of fun. Nothing to worry about.

A little more older and we are after the looks. To look the best requires days of prep!!! Shopping, coordinating and what not.

And now thinks about what food to prepare, how to manage everything.
Sounds a little terrified but it's fun anyways.
Making different delicacies and people loving is so much satisfying.

Meeting people after many days and having fun together is really awesome.

And once the festival is over, it's time to wait eagerly for the next year!!!

Whats your favourite part of festival?
Recent posts

Wood making a comeback!!!!

I have never doubted the strength of things of the older times.

Whether it is older structures or the strength of our previous generations.
They will always remain forefront.

It's our belief in them that we again and again go back to the things of the past and make it a part of our present life.

Like ,I thought that culottes was so fresh fashion.
But when I saw the 70's actress wearing it,its like cool!!!!

It's the same thing with wood. 
They are thinking of cars made of wood, which would be lighter and stronger!!!
Such a cute little modern twist to the age old Chariot!!!!

I always think that ,everything is good if it is in sync with the environment.

Do I have a wish for anything of the past to make a comeback, then what it would me????


Telephones may be...

Guessing game!!!!

One of the best games of childhood.

I remember playing for hours together with family and friends.
Almost something of the past know a days.

But still it used to be great fun , being able to guess it right.

Isn't it interesting to know about unknown things!!
I always envy the archeologists ,who have the privilege to have access to things related to their field.

It's almost like the guessing game!!!!

After going through all the thrills and excitement while finding a new(old) things from the past, they find out the actual purpose of the object.

Of course they use different methods to know about the findings but what if they guessed them wrong!!!!

The things which are easy to perceive like the utensils or tools are OK.

But hard to justify fact can be perceived wrongly.
After all we are all humans and mistakes are part of us.

And what if , long after we are gone, what the people of that time shall perceive about us????

What if they perceive the tallest structure of our times ,to be the stairca…


Today's post is as straight as the topic. It's about the password itself!!

New age problems are sometimes so funny!!!!

It's so easy to learn or know something.
Everything happens with the click of a button, I mean with the help of hand gestures!!!!

Uncountable number of people get benefited as well. Of course I too is not far behind.
But while I enjoy everything setting at the comfort of my home , there is also a problem I have to face.

Forgetting passwords!!!!
With multiple sites the situation is intense.

Sometimes it so happens that I reset my password but still the site doesn't open up.

It happened today itself.
After repeatedly trying I gave up and decided to solve it the next day.

Thank God this doesn't happens in real life!!
Just think you have to go to your friend's house and you forget the password!!!😑😑😑

I hope this doesn't happen after a few more years!!!!

But regarding remembering the password ,I guess I need to develop skill the remember them.


Everyone wants to be in a thing or other.
 Whether it's about riding a horse or perfecting the pitching in the voice.

We put up our lives into it.
Giving our everything into it.

It all depends on the way in which we do our work.
Some get the desired result and some don't.

Even if we master something, we are not super excited about it because our priority changes in the course of time.

It's like wanting to eat something spicy after waiting for the ice cream to set!!!

With time we learn a lot of things and likewise I learned about myself that I am a little too strict about my surroundings and my family.

So I tried to change my habits and mannerisms accordingly and I succeeded even.
My family was happy about it.
I loved the imperfections I developed because I made my a little happier than earlier.

Sometimes I feel it was better earlier but at the same time I enjoy what I am now.

This made me think that nothing is perfect. It's just about the time and space we are in.
A thing can be per…

Unnecessarily embarrassed!!!!

Who likes to be embarrassed!!! 
But knowingly or unknowingly it happens. sigh!!!😥

And the worst are those when you are not directly responsible for it.

It happened with me more recently and had happened many times earlier as well.

I was replying to some comments to my blog post and it so happened that it was not published . 
I replayed one more time and the same thing happened.
The third time I got fed up and didn't even check whether it got published or not.

The next time I opened the post and to my horror ,my reply was published three times repeatedly!!!🙈🙈🙈

Omg!!! So embarrassed,its hard to explain even. Feels completely clueless what to do after such incidents.

Hats off to the runway models who walk the ramp even after falling.
I think it's better to learn from them and smile and stand up after embarrassing situation.

Sounds good and a better option than sitting and crying over spilled milk.
And it's better not to hide and live life to the fullest.

Multitasking a myth????

Some days back I was so much proud of myself that I can do many things at a time.
A multitasker by all standards!!!

Well ,I was living in a bubble,I guess!!!

I realized that it is impossible to do more than one thing at a time.

I cannot imagine eating and doing any work on the computer. It might appear so but watching closely we can understand the difference.
We take break from the work,then eat and after eating work again. Isn't it so????

If someone brags that I can solve mathematical problems while listening music, then I completely disagree.
Solving problems takes up a lot of concentration.
          So it might be that ,the person enjoys the music in-between the problem solving exercise or a loud music shuns the other distraction!!!!

I tried sleeping with music playing in my head phone.
And guess what , being a music lover, I started concentrating on the song instead of sleeping.
       After I turned the sound so low that I was unable the understand the lyrics, only then I was sleepy.